Hat Hair Be Gone

Hat Hair Be Gone

Hat hair can take any look from fab to drab. Our number one tip for avoiding unsightly hat hair is to just never take off your Panama hat – ever. But, we know that this isn’t always in the cards.

So, here are some simple steps to making sure you look just as incredible with your hat off as you do with it on.

Start with Supplies

To keep your hair full of life and looking amazing, there are a couple products that should be in your arsenal.

Root lifter

Applying a root lifter when styling your hair pre-hat will help it keeps it’s volume and life during the day, so when you take your hat off, it doesn’t look flat.

Try: Bumble and Bumble Pret-a-Powder ($27) 


Because a hat can flatten your hair, it can take the texture out too. Using a texturizing spray will help hold any style.

Try: John Frieda Beach Blonde Sea Waves Sea Salt Spray ($9.99 at Ulta)

Fine-tooth comb

In addition to the previous two products, you’ll want a fine tooth comb to back comb your hair and give it height. Once again, over compensating before putting your hat on, will help for when you take it off.

Try: Mason Pearson Tail Comb ($26)


Style to Stay Chic

Voluminous Waves

Give your hair beachy texture to leave on its own or to act as a base for any of the following styles. Use a large barrel curling iron and be sure to start right at the roots so you can keep some added volume.

Low Bun or Pony

Starting with a middle part, backcomb the hair at the crown of your head for volume. Pull your hair to back to the nape of your neck, keeping it loose. Scrunch it into a loose, low bun and secure with a hair tie and/or bobby pins. Or, follow the same steps as you would with the low bun, but secure the ponytail at the nape of your neck and backcomb it to make it look like you’ve spent the day on a breezy beach. You can even braid the ponytail for an added boho feel.

Fishtail Braids

Go total Boho chic by adding a couple small fishtail braids throughout your hair. Follow this YouTube video to learn just how:


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