3 Easy Steps to Finding Your Hat Size

3 Easy Steps to Finding Your Hat Size

Choosing the perfect hat is more than just picking your favorite design. A good hat not only has the looks, but has the feel – the ability to make you feel like you’re on top of the world.

The key behind this: finding the perfect fit. Not all hats are made equal, so use our size-finding guide to learn your measurements:


The Architecture of Your Hat 

Crown: This is the part that fits your head. See step two to learn how to accurately find your measurements.

Band: This is the outside of the hat where the crown and the brim meet. At Sara Designs, it is where you’ll find intricate beading, macramé weaving and Italian lambskin leather decorating your piece.

Brim: This is the wide material at the base of the crown. It provides shade and, at Sara Designs, often features cotton cord sewn around it.


The Measurements 

1. Start the measuring tape at your temple.

2. Wrap it around your head – across your forehead to the mid-back – until the tape reached the other end at your temple.

3. Mark where the tape meets each other, allowing a one to two centimeters difference. That is the circumference of your head. 

4. Compare your measurements to the brand’s size guide.


The Fit Test

Don’t worry – this is not a fitness test, so no treadmills are involved. This is an easy way to determine if you’ve chosen the correct size. 

Your hat should fit snuggly but comfortably – it’s a happy medium. When you shake your head back and forth, it should not move and you should be able to wear it all day long with no discomfort. If your hat has extra space between the band and your head, it is too big. If you feel pressure or that the hat is squeezing your head, it is too small. 

Please note that Sara Designs’ Panama hats are subject to slight measurement variations as they are all handmade.


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