The Perfect Book for Your Bracelet

The Perfect Book for Your Bracelet

Personal style says a lot about a person. From their mood to their interests, fashion choices speak volumes. Accessories do so especially. 

A dress, pantsuit or pair of jeans are examples necessary elements for an outfit, but accessories are the personal touches that make an outfit uniquely you. We’ve taken some of our popular bracelets of varying styles to match them to the ideal “end-of-summer escape” book. 

So, whether you’re cruising to the beach in a beaded macramé bracelet or taking a jaunt down a small Italian via donning a premium wrap bracelet, we have a book that will complement your getaway.



Pair your Beaded Macramé Bracelet with The Decent Proposal 

This bracelet is just as fun and intricate as this book. Like the multiple elements it features, this novel is a combination of a romantic comedy, drama and mystery all in one as it discusses love, attraction and friendship.


Pair your “I’m Charmed” Bangle Set with Rich and Pretty 

“Smart, sharp and beautifully made” is how one author described this book. These descriptors also happen to describe the “I’m Charmed” set. Combine these two for a fashionably good read about the resilience of female friendship.


Pair your Delicate Magnet Bracelet with I Almost Forgot About You

Think of each delicate strand that makes up this bracelet as it’s own story. In this novel, readers are given an inside look at the lives of modern-day women of color. The chic strength of this bracelet is metaphorical as they go through the ups and downs of life.


Pair your Premium Swarovski Wrap Bracelet with Sweetbitter 

This bracelet is for those who have lived and experienced great things and places like Manhattan. Wearing this bracelet, envision yourself in the shoes of a small town girl moving to the big city for an electrifying change. As a coming of age story, read and wear while reminiscing of where you came from and how you’ve gotten to where you are today.


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