What's in A Hat?

What's in A Hat?
At Sara Designs, it’s not just the incredible talent that each in-house creator has. To get high quality products, quality materials are a necessity.
From Paris to Costa Rica, Sara’s inspiration for each material in her products – whether they are the stunning Panama hats or the dazzling wrap watches – has come from her travels. As she explored the world, she took note (and a couple tokens) of natural materials, as well as manmade, that would act as a muse for her future designs.
Starting from the very base of the hat, we’ve broken down the key elements that make Sara’s unique Panama hats the amazing and eye-catching pieces they are.

Hand-woven Palm: 

Forget the factory. These hats are hand woven from palms found in the forests of Ecuador. There, techniques that have been passed through the generations are used to create the base for Sara’s designs. See our full hat story for more.

Italian Lambskin Leather: 

A deluxe feature, Italian lambskin leather is a soft, delicate material. Softer than cowhide, the lambskin leather offers a more luxurious feel and look. You can often find it as an accent piece or braided in a macramé style on the band of the hats.

Swarovski Beads: 

Everyone needs a little bit of glamour, and a little Swarovski sparkle can do just that. Each bead is carefully hand-strung by the artisans in our Manhattan studio.

Cotton Cord: 

Sometimes a focal point of a piece, sometimes a finishing touch, cotton cord is an essential component of every Sara Designs hat. You can find it sewn into the crown, used as an accent on the band or sewn around the brim.
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