Protect Your Skin in Style

Protect Your Skin in Style

A good hat is an investment – not just an investment for your closet, but also for your health. A hat can protect your face from harsh sunrays that cause damage such as age spots and wrinkling. And who wants that? No one.

Beverly Hills dermatologist Ava Shamban, M.D. told Women’s Health magazine that wearing a hat gives instant shade from the sun, providing a sun protection factor of about 10. And while the recommended daily sun protection factor is 30, a hat is a great start.

The traditional Panama hat that Sara Designs makes features a brim that provides the eyes, nose, mouth and ears with shade. The palms used to make each hat are tightly hand woven, not allowing rays to get through making it the perfect statement and safety piece. Also keep in mind that darker colors absorb sun, so the darker the hat, the more likely it will provide blockage.

For added protection on sunny days, try pairing these protective products with your Panama hat:



Neutrogena Baby Sunscreen

This is Sara’s favorite sunscreen. She loves how it’s not oily like other protective lotions. This product is available with SPF ranging from 45 to 60.


SkinCeuticals Physical Eye UV Defense 

If you’ve ever gotten sunscreen in your eyes, you know the two don’t go well together. However, the skin around your eyes is the most delicate on the entire body. Treat your eyes right with this SPF 50 eye defense cream. It’s formulated to work well with the thin skin and is sheer, so it works for all skin tones.


Guerlain Terracotta Joli Teint

This foundation offers wearers SPF 20 and gives a glowy, bronze tint, so you can keep your face out the sun even more and not worry about an uneven skin tone. Combined with a Panama hat, this would give you the recommended SPF 30 coverage.


M·A·C Studio Finish SPF 35 

Okay, so you’ve loved on the sun too much in the past and acquired some dark spots. That’s okay. Protect your skin and cover up from here on out using this concealer. It offers SPF 35 and opaque coverage, so you can feel confident while you wear your hat.

Suntegrity Lip CPR

Most people don’t think about their lips when it comes to sun protection. But they’re just like your ears: Don’t forget or they will burn! Luckily, you can get up to SPF 30-level protection with this product along with a pop of color, if you want. Plus, the Environmental Working Group rated this product amongst the best lip products with SPF!


xo We want you to feel confident and glamorous. Knowing you are protected from harsh rays is one step to really being able to get out and have fun wearing your Sara Designs creation!

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